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If someone was to ask you what was your most valuable asset  (some would answer that with their good looks and shining personality!), many would likely say that it is their home. We realize that not everyone is a homeowner yet, but for most of us that that have realized that dream, we likely had to scrimp and save for a few years to buy that first home and it certainly cost us more than the car in our driveway. So if it is the most valuable thing that we own, why wouldn't we want to place the broadest and most comprehensive coverage on it? Unlike auto insurance coverages that tend to be "cut and dried", most folks have no idea that there are multiple policy options for insuring their home and making their policy choice based solely on price can often be a mistake.

Consumers should familiarize themselves with the terms actual cash value (ACV) and replacement cost (RC). These are valuations used by insurers to determine how much and what type of coverage they are going to place on a given home - largely based on the age, construction type and square feet of a given risk. Here is a brief explanation of these 2 valuations: Replacement cost pays to replace or repair your property, based on current costs, without deduction for depreciation; Actual cash value pays to repair or replace your property minus depreciation. While AVC policies are often less expensive than the RC policies, they are also written on a "named peril" basis as opposed to the much broader "open peril" basis that many RC policies are written on.  Please click on the link below for an explanation of the covered perils on the respective policies.

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